2012 Shortlist

Picture Books

Anna Hibiscus' Song by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia

This is the first picture book featuring Anna Hibiscus and she is very happy in it! So happy, in fact, that she can't quite decide what to do with herself!! So she turns to her grandparents, her aunties, her cousins Chocolate, Angel and Benz, her uncle Tunde and her father, who each offer her a way to express her boundless joy. But being around the people she loves so much only makes her happiness grow and grow; she is SO happy, she is going to EXPLODE! It is her mother who finally helps her to channel her brimming happiness. Sitting in her mango tree Anna sings an amazing song. Amazing is Africa. Amazing is Anna Hibiscus.

A beautiful, vibrant story, with rich colours and words that sing right off the page.

To find out more about Atinuke - her early life in Africa, and then England, and all her later adventures - click here. To find out more about Lauren Tobia and look at her beautiful illustrations, click here.

The Great Sheep Shenanigans by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka

'A lamb for my supper will taste mighty fine!'

Thought a wily old wolf by the name of Lou Pine.

As he sneakily, slyly snuck up on the flock -

But it wasn't the sheep that were in for a shock...

With a stunningly cunning plan, Lou Pine, finds a disguise that is sure to deliver a lamb stew or two. But this flock of sheep aren't quite the dumb mutton they seem...

To find out more about Peter and his other books click here. To find out more about Mei and her work, click here.

A Place to Call Home
by Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz

This is the story of a band of seven furry brothers. They live in a nice, safe, warm home - a very small hole. Yet as they grow up they become too big for the tiny space and are forced out into the world. And so their adventure begins - a quest for a new place to call their own!

An endearing adventure story about finding a place to call home.

To find out more about Alexis click here. To find out more anout Viviane, her work and what she's up to click here to visit her fab website!

The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle

When pirate family the Jolly-Rogers move to Dull-on-sea, rumours of their shocking behaviour start spreading across the neighbourhood. But, with few other children to play with, Matilda can't wait to meet the fascinating new family next door!

Another title from the creator of the best-selling picture book The Pirate Cruncher.

To visit Jonny's blog, and find out more about the man himself, click here.

The Big Snuggle-up
by Brian Patten and Nicola Bayely

It all started with a scarecrow coming into the house out of the snow, bringing with him the mouse that lived up his sleeve. But it wasn't only these two who were looking for a warm place to snuggle up!

A charming book; the perfect read for a 'snuggle-up'!

To find out more about Brian and his award-winning poetry click here. To discover more about Nicola and see more of her beautiful illustrations, click here.

Dear Fairy Godmother by Michael Rosen and Nick Sharratt

Deep in the enchanted forest, the fairy tale creatures all have problems. Luckily they can call on the ultimate agony aunt - Dear Fairy Godmother!

A sequel to Dear Mother Goose, this is a hilarious collection of fairy stories with a difference. All the best-loved fairy-tale characters are here and they all have a different problem, from the pesky girl who keeps eating little bear's porridge, to Pinocchio's mendacious habits, to the wolf who just won't leave Little Red Riding Hood alone.

A laugh-out-loud romp through the classic world of fairy tales, with more than a few modern twists!

To visit Michael's website click here. To keep up-to-date with all Michael's most recent musings click here to visit his blog. To find out more about Nick Sharratt and his work click here to visit his official website.

Shorter Novels

Earwig and the Witch by Diana Wynne Jones

Everyone knows that orphanages are horrible places. But Earwig has a surprising amount of power over everyone else at St Morwald’s Home for Children, and loves it there. So the last thing she wants is to be sent to live with the very strange Bella Yaga…

With terrific line drawings that perfectly complement Diana’s witty, magical story, this is sure to appeal to a new generation of fans.

To find out more about the author and her work, just click here to be taken to a fantastically interactive website, providing more information about all Diana's books.

Agatha Parrot by Kjartan Poskitt

Hiya! This book is about Odd Street School where I go along with mad Ivy who always jumps down stairs four at a time WAHOO! And Martha who is big and jolly and can sort out boys. The oddest teacher we've got is Miss Barking who wears goggles and gloves to use a pencil sharpener.

The story is about when she tried to execute Martha with a floppy cardboard axe, but instead Martha's head floated off and exploded ha ha brilliant! Don't worry. Martha ends up eating an ice cream... but if you want to know how, then you'll have to read the insides, won't you? WOW how exciting - da-da-darrrrrrh!

Hope you like it, and thanks for reading this BLURB!

To visit Kjartan' own website and find out more about the man himself and all his work, click here.

Cartoon Kid by Jerermy Strong

You'll never GUESS what Mr Butternut said at school today:

'This is your first day with me and I can see that there is something amazing about you . . . all of you are hiding a BIG SECRET.'

And do you know what it is? We are all SUPERHEROES. I nearly fell off my chair!

Then we had to choose our superhero names. I'm Casper the Cartoon Kid, my best friend's Big Feet Pete and moaning Noella Niblet - she's the Incredible Sulk!

Now we can fight injustice AND Gory and Tory the Vampire Twins. They've stolen something that belongs to us and we want it back - WHAM-BAM-JELLY AND-JAM!

A brand-new series with an exciting new look to kick-start Jeremy's 2011 Year of Fun campaign.

Jeremy has his own fantatic website with lots to see and do, just click here to be taken into the author's fun-filled world.

Longer Novels

Muncle Trogg by Janet Foxley

Giants live on top of Mount Grumble, hidden from the humans below.

But not all of them are giant-like. Muncle Trogg is so small that he’s laughed at by the others for being human-sized. Fed up, he decides to take a look at the Smallings that he’s meant to look like. But what he discovers is very surprising!

An affectionate and charming upside-down fairy tale, this is the magical story of the residents of Mount Grumble and the tiny giant who saves the day.

To find out more about the author, Janet Foxley, and her work, click here to be taken to her website.

The Snow Merchant by Sam Gayton

Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind-swept coast of Albion, with no one to talk to but Periwinkle the pigeon. Her days are filled with floor-sweeping, bed-making and soup-stirring. Her nights are filled with dreams of her mother, who vanished long ago. Nothing incredible has ever happened to Lettie, until one winter's night... The night the Snow Merchant comes.

He claims to be an alchemist - the greatest that ever lived - and in a mahogany suitcase, he carries his newest invention. It is an invention that will change Lettie's life - and the world - forever... It is an invention called snow.

The Snow Merchant is a fantasy filled with family secrets, magical transformations and wild adventure. Join Lettie on her journey to uncover the true meaning of snow, family and friendship.
One Dog and his Boy by Eva Ibbotson
Hal's parents refuse to let him have a dog - until they discover the Easy Pets Dog Agency. However, they don't tell Hal that the clever puppy he chooses is not his for life, but only for the weekend.

Hal and Fleck must now find a way to be together.

A book with real heart from one of the world's best-loved children's writers.

Young Adult Category

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Ever wake up in someone else's body?

Fourteen-year-old Alex Gray wakes up one morning to discover he's not in his own bedroom. More surprising is that he doesn't recognize his hands, or his legs... When he looks in the mirror he gets the shock of his life! How is it possible that Alex has become another boy - a boy who everyone calls Philip? And how have six whole months passed overnight? A riveting psychological thriller by a brilliant new voice in children's books.

To find out more about Martyn and his work, click here to visit his website

In the Bag by Jim Carrigton

Joe and Ash are best friends. Ash is the leader, Joe the one who follows. Then one night after a party, Joe and Ash come across a holdall, seemingly abandoned by the side of the road. They open it up . . . and find £20,000 in cash. Of course they're going to hand it straight to the police. Aren't they? Or is all that money just too tempting? And that is precisely when the trouble starts . . .

This book shows how horribly easy it is for two teenage boys to make a car crash of their lives, through an unlucky combination of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and making a handful of wrong decisions.

To find out more about Jim, click here to be taken to his biography.

Heart Burn by Anne Cassidy

Be careful what promises you make. . .

Years ago, local bad boy, Tyler Harrington, did a favour for Ashley. Now Tyler has been beaten up and hospitalized, and he's calling that favour in. Ashley must hide an envelope for him, but under no circumstances is she to look inside it. When Tyler is abducted, Ashley opens the package. What she finds inside is the key to who is holding Tyler. But somebody else wants the envelope andas long as Ashley has it, she is in mortal danger.

A thought-provoking, challenging read from a critically acclaimed, prize-winning author. Anne Cassidy won the Sheffield Children's Book Award back in 2005 for her novel, Looking for JJ. To find out more about Anne and her previous work, just click here.

A Year without Autumn by Liz Kessler

If you could see into the future - would you look?

Jenni Green doesn't have a choice. On her way to visit her best friend, Autumn, Jenni suddenly finds she's been transported exactly one year forward in time.

Now she discovers that in the year that's gone by, tragedy has struck and her friendship with Autumn will never be the same again. But what caused the disaster and can Jenni escape time and change the future.

To visit Liz's great, interactive website, jusr click here.

Mister Creecher by Chris Priestley
Billy is a street urchin, pickpocket and petty thief. Mister Creecher is a monstrous giant of a man who terrifies all he meets. Their relationship begins as pure convenience. But a bond swiftly develops between these two misfits as their bloody journey takes them ever northwards on the trail of their target ...Victor Frankenstein. Friendship, trust and betrayal combine to form a dangerous liaison in this moving and frightening new book from Chris Priestley.

To visit Chris' blogsite and find out more about the man himslef, just click here.

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Ben and Rose secretly wish their lives were different.

Set fifty years apart, these two independent stories - Ben’s told in words, Rose’s in pictures- weave back and forth with mesmerizing symmetry.

Brian Selznick once again sails into uncharted territory and takes readers on an awe-inspiring journey, which will leave you breathless with wonder.

To visit Brian's magical, interactive website, click here.

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