Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sheffield Children's Book Award Ceremony News Update

The countdown is on.....
67 days until we find out the winners of the Sheffield Children's Book  Award at the 25th Anniversary ceremony at the Sheffield City Hall.
Schools are booking seats, plans are being made and the following authors have confirmed they will be attending.
More names will be added as confirmations come through so keep checking this page.

Elizabeth Bagulay - Pigeon Poo - Picture Book Category

& Mark Chamber (illustrator)

Elizabeth Lindsay - Socks  - Picture Book Category


Ben Court (illustrator ) - Jumblebum -  Picture Book Category


Dave Lowe - My Hmaster is a Genius - Shorter Novel Category


Marcus Sedgewick  - Fright Forest
& Peter Williamson (Illustratior)

Ellie Irving - Billie Templars War - Young Adult Category

Dave Shelton - A Boy and a Bear and a Boat - Young Adult Category

You loved doing Creepy House, the Summer Reading Challenge 2013, right?
Well the good news is, the Reading Agency are starting to think about next year’s challenge – and they need your help!

The Summer Reading Challenge for 2014 will be a fabulous fantasy adventure based on myths and legends from around the world.
Tthe detail are still being worked out but as you read your books you will work your way round a maze packed with mythical creatures including a Yeti, the Minotaur, Mermaids – and even the Loch Ness Monster! Hmm, sounds great – but what do we call it?!

 here are three titles for next year’s challenge – but which one is your favourite? Is it: