Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Award ceremony author confirmations

Its an exciting time of year for us here at Book Award HQ. The votes are all in and the winner be announced on the 12th November at the Crucible Theatre!
All the authors and illustraters have been sent thier party invites and so far the following have confirmed they will be coming along. Remember to keep checking here for updates.

G R Gremin

Giancarlo was born in Cardiff, South Wales, of Italian parentage, and lives in London. He spends much of his non-writing time listening to a variety of music, from Jimmy Smith to Giuseppe Verdi, with whom he is particularly obsessed. He speaks enough Italian to order ice cream, cake, or both.


Growing up on the embattled Mawr Estate in South Wales, all Gemma sees are burglaries, muggings, sadness and boredom. With a dad in prison and a mum who has given up hope, she, like everyone around her, is holding on to memories of the times when happiness wasn’t so hard to find.. When her search for the scene of a perfect childhood day takes her up into the surrounding hills, Gemma is forced into a meeting with the legendary Cowgirl.

A gently funny story of a community coming together, this is a tale of happy endings in unexpected places.


Hilary Robinson (Author)
Hilary Robinson is an author, radio producer, broadcaster and feature writer. She was born in Devon and brought up in Nigeria and England. The author of over forty books for children she is best known for Mixed Up Fairy Tales. Her books have been translated into a number of languages and are sold across the world. She lives and works in London and Yorkshire.
Hilary is related to William Wordsworth via a collateral branch of the poet’s family. She has Manx ancestry.
Her next book with Martin Impey“Flo of the Somme” is due out Oct 2015.

Martin Impey (Illustrator)


The Christmas Truce

It's Christmas Eve 1914. A group of tired soldiers start singing Stille Nacht. Soldiers the other side of No Man's Land respond with Silent Night. The next day, soldiers on both sides put down their weapons and celebrate the spirit of Christmas Day with a friendly football match. In the sequel to the hugely popular Where The Poppies Now Grow, The Christmas Truce finds soldiers Ben and Ray shaking hands in friendship with Karl and Lars, a tribute to that remarkable moment in history when, for one day, peace found a place.