Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Authors attending the Sheffield Children's Book Award ceremony

Nicola Bayley  - The Big Snuggle Up (Illustrator)

Peter Bently  & Mei Matsuoka - The Great Sheep Shenanigans

Alexis Deacon - A Place to Call Home


Jeremy Strong - Cartoon Kid

Janet Foxley - Muncle Trog

Kjartan Poskitt - Agatha Parrot 


Martyn Bedford - Flip

Jim Carrington - In the Bag

Anne Cassidy - Heart Burn

Liz Kessler - A Year Without Autumn

Chris Priestly - Mister Creecher

 Eric Brown - A Monster Ate my Marmite

Joe Layburn - Street Heroes : Run Aways

Tom Palmer - Scrum

Bali Rai - The Gun

 Anthony McGowan - The Fall

Watch out for more names to be added over then next few weeks.