Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Worry Douglas!

Children's author David Melling has released another title in his adorable 'Douglas' series!

Those young readers taking part in our Picture Book category this year may already have read David's first book in the series, Hugless Douglas, which won a place on our Picture Book shortlist this year. The book follows Douglas on his quest to find the perfect bear hug and is packed with all the humour and charming illustrations we have come to expect from David Melling's books.

 Children's author, David Melling       
David's new book in the series, Don't Worry Douglas!, was released in April and features another of Douglas' adventures. Douglas is given a fantastic red, woolly hat by his dad; Douglas is so excited with his new gift  that he races outside to show it off to his friends. But it isn't long before his excitement (and his hat!) unravels, leaving Douglas wondering what to do for the best. His friends have a variety of hilarious (and useless!) ideas and it is inevitably left to Douglas to decide how to put things right...

Fans of David Melling's wonderfully charming books will not be disappointed by his latest edition to the Douglas series... To find out more about the book click here, or to find out more about David and his other work click here to visit his interactive website!

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